2401 Old Buncombe Road  Greenville, SC, 29609  Tel. 864-271-5225


perfection takes time

16 hours.
No shortcuts.
The original way.
The only way.

We gladly take the long route.

21 years.

Exact same process.


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2401 Old buncombe road

Greenville, sc 29609  


tuesday - 10am - 4pm

wednesday - 10am - 4pm

thursday - 10am - 4pm

friday - 10am - 4pm

saturday - 10am - 4pm

sunday - closed

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The way it was meant to be

An open fire

The original way is the only way here at Mike & Jeffs. Our meat is slow cooked over an open wood fire, no exceptions. We never use gas, electricity, or charcoal. All of our wood is hand selected to get that classic Mike & Jeff's flavor.  



Low and slow

The best flavor is found when BBQ is cooked at a low temperature for a long time. The low temperature lets the meat get even more smoke without drying out. Here at Mike & Jeff's we have a multiple-stage cooking process lasting over 16 hours from beginning to end. We do it the old way. The right way.

Family owned and operated

We are a family owned and operated business. Jeff Little (owner) works alongside his two daughters (Ashley Little, Austin Little), son (Dallas Little), and mother (Kathleen Little). You will always be treated like family and made to feel at home with us, nobody is just a customer.